How do I add a favicon to my Shopify Store?

Claudia Howard

            How do I add a favicon to my Shopify Store?

Favicons are the small icons displayed on a browser tab to the left of the website's title and on a browser's bookmark menu.

By default, all new Shopify stores display their iconic green shopping bag.

How do I add a Favicon to my Shopify Store

You can display your own favicon in this spot to match your store brand.

Don't have a favicon? No problem, you can take almost any image and generate a favicon file using a free favicon generator. Most Shopify themes specify a favicon file that's 32 px X 32 px with a .png file extension.

How you add a favicon to your store depends on your store theme. In some themes you will add them in the Theme Settings under "Header" (and the theme may only accept .png files or may only accept .ico files). For other themes you'll find the setting under "General Settings".

If you can't upload the favicon in the theme settings you can do it manually by following these instructions.

Webology creates a custom favicon for every Shopify store we set up.