Case Study - Keep Em Quiet

Claudia Howard

            Case Study - Keep Em Quiet

Klaviyo-based Email Marketing

How Keep Em Quiet successfully pivoted from a travel to kids entertainment business mid lockdown.

Primarily a business creating in-flight travel entertainment for kids, Keep Em Quiet needed to pivot quickly as the world went into lockdown. By changing their messaging, using a light hearted approach, and contrasting with their competitors, Keep Em Quiet was able to survive and thrive in the most unlikely of times.

Dan and Carly Moosah came up with Keep Em Quiet on a trip to Spain. They needed to keep their eldest entertained on a flight, in addition to caring for his baby sister, who had only just been born. The couple embarked upon a plan to make their trip less stressful, and quickly realised other parents would benefit from their ideas. Fast forward to today, the Keep Em Quiet signature blue rucksack has made traveling with kids easier for thousands of parents.  

Keep Em Quiet understands exactly what's needed to keep kids entertained while traveling. When COVID-19 struck Dan and Carly were ready to pivot and help parents cope with entertaining kids during lockdown. 


An already engaged email list was key

Keep Em Quiet retained Claudia Howard, a Klaviyo Partner, to improve their email marketing 6 months prior to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

By analyzing Klaviyo's Engagement Reports Claudia identified that Keep Em Quiet was losing subscriber engagement. The engagement rate dropped from 80% to 35% within 90 days. 

Keep Em Quiet was doing a great job at driving traffic to their store, and adding subscribers, yet they weren't maintaining enough interest to drive sales. Revenue from email marketing was only 10%. 

Keep Em Quiet was leaving money on the table by not nurturing their existing subscribers.

Claudia implemented a strategy to consistently send a weekly email, and resend it days later (with a different subject line and image) to a segment of people who opened, but did not click, encouraging 'warm' subscribers to engage with the brand, and land on the Keep Em Quiet website. 

Weekly campaign topics focused on the benefits of selected products, with a discount code only occasionally offered (every 4 - 6 weeks).

As the weekly campaigns progressed, Klaviyo's reports were analyzed in order to monitor and expand the segments.

Engagement steadily increased leading to improved results across the board. Engagement rates are now 75% after 90 days and 40% after 180 days. These longer and higher engagement rates doubled revenue from email marketing to over 20%. 

Weekly campaign open rates and click rates soared.

Open Rates

 Click Through Rates

Consistently delivering content that resonated with their subscribers, built an audience eager to hear from Keep Em Quiet. This was a key factor to their successful pivot from travel to entertainment.  

Prior to Claudia’s weekly campaigns, Keep Em Quiet was only connecting with 35% of the people on their list. After weekly campaigns focused on product benefits, they were able to engage 75%.

Focusing on what parents need the most
With parents suddenly facing homeschooling their children, branding and email content was directed solely at solving an imminent problem: providing activities for full days at home with kids.

Dan and Carly rebranded their Travel Packs as Entertainment Packs across their website, social media and email campaigns. They also added a new category of Home Activities (workbooks, arts & crafts, kits, games) to their product range. Knowing parents would be looking for these types of items during lockdown.

Email content showcased the new product range, as well as recently re-branded Entertainment Packs, whilst providing useful tips for parents who might be struggling with how to structure their child's time.

Keep Em Quiet saw a sales spike from email by shifting their messaging to compellingly illustrating the benefits of purchasing multiple kits as opposed to single items.

Comic relief to grab attention and stand out
A copywriter provided content infused with humour - poking fun at being “stuck at home” with kids during lockdown.

Leading with a comedic tone provided a refreshing contrast to the barrage of generic COVID-19 email communications - hitting inboxes at the same time.


Keep Em Quiet email for entertainment packs for kids

Email open rate increased by 30% in March by creating fun content subscribers look forward to. Offering somewhat edgy humour, in the midst of a serious situation, paid off.

Being relatable to build trust
Keep Em Quiet is a made for parents, by parents company. Daniel and Carly pride themselves on building a successful business by “scratching their own itch”.

This theme was expanded upon in Claudia’s weekly email campaigns. By tweaking and resending each weekly email to an optimized segment, ongoing customer relationships were built upon, engaging subscribers even further.

Monthly Average Open Rates increased by 30% in March and Click Through Rates increased by 80% in April by speaking to the unique needs of parents at this unprecedented time.

Revenue from Email Campaigns doubled in 6 months

6 Month Results

  • Revenue contributed from email campaigns increased from 10% to 22%
  • Monthly Average Open Rates increased by 295%. From 10% to 39%
  • Monthly Average Click Rate increased by 245%, from 0.81% to 2.89%
  • Monthly Average Sales from email doubled.


"Claudia's weekly campaign service is great. We're using her services on an ongoing basis :) Great copy as well." ~ Dan Moosah