Copy of Your Shopify Expert

Claudia Howard is a Shopify Expert


Feeling overwhelmed with the 100's of things you need to do this week?

Looking for a reliable experienced Shopify service provider?

I’ve worked on over 500 different Shopify stores.

I know how to build, customize, and market high-functioning Shopify stores. I can help you put systems in place that will save you time and generate more high-quality leads for your business.

I am quick to learn about my clients’ goals and/or challenges. I pride myself in making recommendations that fit both their budgets and timelines.

I’m a highly-skilled developer and an effective communicator. I know how to manage all the technical details, but will explain it all to you in plain language.


Are you Shopify-curious? I’d love to talk to you. Book a strategy call with me to pick my brain. I’ll share all my insider tips about setting up your first store, and help you strategize about what techniques and tactics are likely to serve you best.


Shopify Store Set-Up:

Using Shopify for your ecommerce store allows you to focus on providing amazing customer service, producing engaging content, and building a community of happy customers and followers who are eager to buy from you and refer your business to people they know.

Let me help:

  • Just getting started? I’ll set up your first Shopify store for you, and include optimizations from the get-go that will get you up and running quickly and painlessly, and set you up for success.
  • Need a new theme or design? I’ll refresh your existing Shopify store with a new theme and added features to drive traffic and sales.

II can help select a theme that best matches your business goals, then install, update, and customize it.

I’ll walk you through the steps and options for a theme setup, which include but are not limited to these common elements:

  • homepage
  • header, footer, & announcement bar
  • navigation, drop down navigation
  • product pages, types & tags
  • collections pages, images & descriptions
  • discount codes and gift cards
  • shipping, taxes & policies
  • pages, blog, and articles

I do more advanced development work as well, either to upgrade your store, or to help you make a smooth transition to Shopify:

  • Advanced page set-up 
  • Advanced page setup (e.g. embedding email sign-up forms, custom page templates)
  • Code editing for specific customizations
  • Recommend and install apps for your business type
  • Customize notifications (eg order or shipping confirmations, abandoned checkouts)
  • Migration from WordPress (importing/exporting customers, products, blogs and bulk editing)


Grow your Shopify store's traffic with landing pages, email automations, giveaways, and early access events.

Claudia Howard is a Klaviyo Master - Email Marketing Expert 

Get new customers and repeat customers with automated email funnels. I can help with the following:

  • Klaviyo account setup and integration with Shopify
  • Email list and segment setup
  • Customized email templates
  • Email marketing flows
  • Email campaigns linked to your customers’ shopping behavior (e.g. abandoned cart email sequences, emails linked to a customer’s purchase history)

    I'd love to hear about your Shopify store, pass on a few tips, and answer your Shopify and email marketing questions.