La Petite Souris

La Petite Souris runs on Shopify

New Shopify Theme, One-on-One Shopify Training

La Petite Souris sells stunning, gourmet chocolates, but their website theme and design was too distracting. In the redesign, I replaced the sliders with static photos so that website visitors can focus on the delicious chocolates.


I made a shortlist of 3 themes for the owner of La Petite Souris to review, and she chose one that would be easy for her and her staff to update. Her store’s theme, the Grid theme, makes it easy for her to switch out photos to keep the homepage looking fresh, and now she can easily update the site herself for seasonal and local events. I did one-on-one training with the owner on how to organize her products and collections.

When I help Shopify stores switch themes, I’m very careful to ensure their branding is carried over to the new theme. I resized, formatted, and optimized all their product images from the originals, instead of copying them from the old site. The result is a fresh new look for their website that fits in seamlessly with their existing brand.

Are you looking for a new Shopify theme to bring your store to the next level? I can help you choose the right theme for your project and direct you to high-quality themes that will serve you for years to come. Switching themes doesn’t have to be a headache—working with me makes the switch seamless and easy!

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