Pet Friendly Remedies

Pet Friendly Remedies

Shopify Store Setup, Lead Generation Magnet, Email Marketing

Pet Friendly Remedies manufactures natural healing products for dogs. They hired me to set up their Shopify store.

This start-up needed a professional, clean design to establish themselves as a reliable, trustworthy source of natural health products for dogs.

Their product was solid, and we knew that engaging and educating their customers and email subscribers was going to be key to growing their business. To accomplish this, I integrated their newsletter software with their Shopify store, and then set up a multi-part automated email series to build relationships with web store visitors and encourage them to subscribe.

If you’re a start-up, I’d love to work with you to design a Shopify website that will set you up for success. I know how to make your store stand out, and be fresh and appealing to the marketplace. I can guide you in how to best leverage email marketing to turn your website visitors into engaged, eager customers.


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