How The Social Sales Girls outsource Technical Tasks to Increase Revenue

Claudia Howard

            How The Social Sales Girls outsource Technical Tasks to Increase Revenue

Learn how to boosts sales on your Shopify store.

For the last 12 years, Susan Bradley, owner of The Social Sales Girls has taught thousands of Shopify store owners how to build their ecommerce businesses.

Susan’s signature modules are Traffic Bootcamp, Conversion School and Marketing Mastery. They train Shopify store owners on how to get traffic and turn that traffic into sales.

Training based on a Live Shopify Store

Before starting The Social Sales Girls, Susan ran her own successful Shopify store, Wee Squeak, Fun Shoes for Kids (recently sold). In 2013 Susan migrated Wee Squeak from MIVA to Shopify. At that time, she transitioned the business from mostly wholesale to direct sales. Increasing Facebook followers from 3,000 to over 100,000 and her email list from 1,200 to over 30,000 were key components to success.

Once active on Facebook Susan says, “I could see other store owners feeling their way. I felt it would be valuable for those people to see how I was doing it.”

“Over the years I’ve had business ups and downs, yet I’ve always been able to earn a good income and be with my kids. It’s hard being a working mother. Daycare choices are less than palatable. And to me, the best thing ever is to help others earn an income with the flexibility of being with their family. I’m confident the system I’ve created for ecommerce success works. I've proven it from the ground up.”

The one thing that holds Shopify stores back

Susan noticed a gap that was holding back other merchants from success. She decided to pull back the curtain on her mid six-figure store and share her proven strategies. Her vision was to show other merchants how to build a brand and generate predictable sales.

She started a Facebook Group for Shopify store owners. The members are eager to build a brand and replace their current incomes with Shopify store sales.

“I could see that people weren’t getting enough traffic to their stores. They need to learn how much traffic, where to get it and that not all traffic is equal.”

“Instead of spending time on promoting product features.” Susan says, “I teach store owners how to get their products in front of an audience. An audience eager to buy their products.”

Be a Marketing Expert - Not a Technical Expert

Susan recommends store owners, “become marketing experts not technical experts. Avoid spending energy on the technical issues of running an ecommerce business. Get help with theme updates, apps, and email service providers."

“It’s a waste of time and mental capacity to troubleshoot technical issues. Setting up stores, landing pages, pop ups, and email funnels are a drain. Instead, focus on marketing to develop traffic to your store,” advises Susan.

Susan believes most ecommerce entrepreneurs are marketing experts and not technical by nature. “ They need to pay experts for technical help whether they’re making $500, $5,000 or $50,000 a month.”

Susan's Success Tip

That’s why Susan turns to Storetasker for technical help, “It’s a trusted service. They have a process in place to screen experts. And because it’s an escrow service you know the expert won’t run away with your money. And there’s recourse if the job isn’t done. ”

“I recommend Storetasker to clients in The Social Sales Girls programs. Time is money, just pay the experts to get things done and move on with marketing your store.”

Are you ready to wake up every morning with the goal of getting your product in front of more people? Are you keen to follow Susan’s ecommerce success path?

Here’s the line-up of The Social Sales Girls programs:


Here's what you'll get:
Resource Materials including Facebook Ad Terminology & Common Abbreviations and an Ad Funnel Chart
Unit 1: Engagement Ads - Prep, launch, analyze, test, and create an Engagement Ad strategy!
Unit 2: Video Ads - Prep, launch, analyze, test, and create a Video Ad strategy!

Inner Circle - $49.97 a Month
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The Inner Circle is a success path that includes 3 modules. You'll also get access to a private Facebook group - a community of people with similar goals. It’s a supportive place to learn from other members how they’ve grown their businesses. There are coaches and mentoris in the group, too, that answer questions.

Traffic Bootcamp – Learn how to use Facebook Ad Manager.
You'll build the right audience for your Facebook Business Page. And you’ll learn how to take action on social media to get that audience to your store. You’ll build your store traffic to 3000 visitors per month.

Conversion School – Learn step-by-step how to turn traffic into customers.

Marketing Mastery – Learn how to amplify traffic and sales.
The sessions are designed to make sure you don’t go a month without a plan to get more sales.


Reliable Revenue
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Reliable Revenue is a practice designed for long term success. You'll have your own system to drive traffic and sales to build predictable revenue.

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