How to turn a Shopify blog into a Book Deal

Claudia Howard

            How to turn a Shopify blog into a Book Deal

It seems that growing up most of my family photos were taken at mealtimes. It's not just that we all love food (we do!) it's because Mom and Gram passed down the tradition of turning meals into special occasions.

Hot comforting savories, luscious deserts, clever garnishes; served at the dining room table, on the patio, or at a beachside picnic table with family and friends gathered around. I cherish those memories served with love from Mom's kitchen that turned me into a foodie.

So it's no surprise that I created a recipe blog for my client, Holy Crap Cereal, to attract new customers and encourage repeat customers. The recipes also highlight the amazing health benefits of Holy Crap cereal. There are over 60 recipe blog posts for smoothies, parfaits, side dishes, muffins, energy bars, sweets, appetizers, and main dishes. Each with a mouth-watering photo, triple-tested directions, and a nutrition facts table.

Many Holy Crap cereal customers have food sensitivities or allergies or are on special diets for celiac disease, diabetes, heart health, IBS, cancer, or heart disease. Or they are high-performance athletes, pregnant, or nursing moms seeking optimal nutrition. The accompanying nutrition facts to the recipes are particularly appreciated by those customers and set the posts apart from other online recipes.

Early in 2016, Christina Symons, the blog's recipe food stylist and photographer, referred Holy Crap to a publisher she's worked with on her own books. I was thrilled to then work on the manuscript with Douglas & McIntyre who published The Holy Crap Cookbookin November 2016.

The cookbook generates press, book signings, media interviews, and spreads the word about Holy Crap, the world's most amazing breakfast cereal.

And it all started with posting a few recipes on a blog.

Is there a book in your blog?

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The Holy Crap Cookbook


Through my passion for cooking, passed down to me from my mom and Gram, I co-authored The Holy Crap Cookbook with Corin Mullins, published in November 2016. It's available in book stores across Canada and on Amazon in Canada and the US.